One of the wonders of the world, the pyramids are a sight that has tantalized humans for over 4000 years and visiting the pyramids is a childhood dream for people all over the world. If you’re lucky enough to make your way to Egypt, here are some tips for seeing the pyramids and their surroundings!

Go for a camel ride

Nearly everyone I’ve spoken to who has visited the site agrees that riding a camel around the pyramids is their favorite memory from the experience and the best way of seeing the pyramids. While you can visit the pyramids on foot (and I have), riding a camel is much easier than trekking through the sand and sun to take in all the different views of the pyramids.

As an added bonus, they’ll take you to a viewpoint where you can snap some excellent pics of both the pyramids and of yourself on a camel’s back! If camels aren’t your style, you can also ride horses!

There are signs posted around the entrance with the current price for riding a camel, so don’t let anyone try and charge you more than that!

See the Light and Sound Show

Every night there’s a Sound and Light show at the pyramids, similar to the one you can see at Karnak Temple in Luxor. The show gives an abridged history of Egypt and the pyramids, narrated by the Sphinx himself with some slightly cheesy music playing along. The best part of the show though is easily seeing the pyramids so well-lit in the dark, standing up against the night sky, and seeing the Sphinx’s face projected on the way it would have looked when it was constructed. It makes a great addition to your trip and an English version happens every night, with Spanish, German, and French versions available at different times if there’s five people or more.

Stay at a hotel with a pyramid view

Cairo may be a sprawling city with lots to offer on its own, but if the pyramids are at the heart of your Egypt experience, you’ll want to stay close by. There are lots of hotels clustered on the edge of the desert that offer rooms and rooftops with great views of the pyramids and the sphynx for fairly inexpensive prices.

It’s exciting to look out your window and catch a glimpse of the pyramids, or to eat breakfast on the rooftop looking out at them. Plus, depending on where you’re located, you can watch the Sound and Light show from your hotel’s rooftop. The sound isn’t perfect, but you can still see the light playing over the stone, which is an amazing sight!

Visit the Solar Boat Museum

At the base of Khufu’s pyramid, one of the first things you’ll notice is a strange white building. This is the Solar Boat Museum and inside you can see the reconstructed and preserved solar barge of Khufu, the builder of the Great Pyramid. It would have been put in his pyramid to help him navigate the afterlife and now it sits only a handful of meters from where it’s been entombed for the last several thousand years. Khufu’s solar boat dates back to around 2500 BC and is one of the oldest and best preserved boats in the world. It’s almost unbelievable to look at it and contemplate the sheer age of the object and appreciate the restoration that’s been done to it!

Explore the surrounding sites

Although seeing the pyramids is the obvious centerpiece of any trip to Cairo, followed closely by the Sphinx, the pyramid complex has more to offer than just those two attractions. There are a lot of ruins around them, in various states of excavation, and you’re free to go and explore. You can see all kinds of ancient hieroglyphs on the walls and the remains of ancient statues, long weathered by the desert. It’s a vastly underrated part of exploring the area.