If you’re wandering the souks of Marrakech or Tanger. You’ll be assailed by the enticing smells of amazing Moroccan street food. Moroccan cuisine is normally a simple affair, often very cheap but incredibly tasty.

Moroccan street food often includes simple spices, meat and dried fruits as the essential ingredients. If you’re looking for an exotic culinary experience. These are some of the most delicious and popular Moroccan street food items you must try!


The tagine is a Moroccan staple and you’ll see these clay pots sold all over the country. Often brightly coloured and in a variety of sizes. Tagine can feature chunks of lamb or chicken slow cooked with chunky local vegetables in a delicious thin stew.

You’ll spot tagine being cooked everywhere from street corners to courtyards and in the busy kitchens of any riad you might be staying in.

Vegetarians and vegans will also find options for meat free tagines in many places across Morocco. As one of the most popular Moroccan meals, you’ll probably experience tagine more than once during your visit.


Another popular dish in Morocco, couscous is a grain which is steamed and served with anything from vegetables to barbecued meat. As one of the most popular Moroccan meals, you’ll find couscous a versatile, cheap and filling option literally everywhere.

 From ramshackle cafes in the Atlas Mountains to bustling restaurants in downtown Casablanca, couscous is the dish that unites Moroccans.

Bastilla (or Pastilla)

These filled flaky pastry parcels are a delicious treat and can be found in street food markets across Morocco. From hole in the wall bakeries in Essaouira to vibrant patisseries in Fez (the town of this pastry’s origin), it’s an easy meal to grab and eat on the go or sit down and share with friends.

The bastilla comes in a variety of flavours, but the stock choice is usually chicken. Minced or shredded meat is mixed with saffron, almonds, cabbage and other vegetables to create a savoury dish with a sweet hit. A must try when in Morocco.

Fresh Seafood

With its long coastline, Morocco has no shortage of places to sample seafood that has literally just been plucked from the Atlantic. Wander the markets of Agadir, Casablanca or Essaouira and you’ll be courted by restaurateurs promising you the best and freshest catch of the day.

You’ll be able to choose your fish and pay by weight, with the price agreed normally before you order.

Seafood is normally served simply, with a side salad of potatoes or sometimes couscous. Your choice of catch is normally flame grilled in moments and served still sizzling on your plate. For just a few dirhams you can sample fresh sea bass, tuna steak or even lobster.


If you’re a fan of sausages then you’ll love this amazing Moroccan street food dish. Spiced lamb sausages known as merguez can be found all across the Kingdom, and you’ll normally smell them before you see them.

Served either wrapped in a flatbread, or alongside a salad and potatoes, merguez are a delicious lunch or breakfast dish and easy to eat on the go.


Hearty and warmly spiced, this bowl of delight is often associated with ramadan. Packed full of goodness like tomatoes, lentils, paprika and an assortment of other veggies and spices, harira is found in pretty much every souk and cafe.

If you’re looking for vegetarian Moroccan food this normally one of the best options, but check first. Sometimes it can be made using a chicken stock.

Where to sample Moroccan street food

 If you’re heading to Morocco you’ll find plenty of places to try Moroccan street food in all its glory. From the souks of Marrakech or the medina of Casablanca to rural mountain villages. you’ll never be short of a delicious dish to sample.