Thailand is famous for its gorgeous beaches and islands, with many people flocking to the sandy shores each year. Many of Thailand’s best beaches offer an array of activities, including snorkelling, fishing, water sports, and relaxation. But what if you want to escape the crowds? There are some stunning hidden beaches in Thailand that see relatively few visitors.

If you’re tired of being surrounded by tourists and sun-seekers and have had enough of touts and vendors trying to sell you things, check out some of Thailand’s remote beaches. With scenic views and a peaceful vibe, it’s well worth heading off the beaten track to visit Thailand’s secret beaches …

Here are ten of the top hidden beaches in Thailand:

Hua Beach, Phuket

The small Hua Beach is one of Phuket’s best secret beaches. Located between the popular beaches of Patong and Kamala, the sandy shore is scattered with rocks and smooth boulders. While it’s definitely not the island’s best swimming spot, the tranquility and views make a stop more than worth your while. Trees hang over small bays, providing plenty of shade, and you can idly swing from a hanging tire or crude rope swing as you lap up the deserted feeling and beautiful vistas. It’s certainly a fantastic hidden beach in Thailand!

Thongson Bay, Koh Samui

Although easy to get to, few people know about the stunning beach of Thongson Bay on Koh Samui. The idyllic tropical paradise has powdery soft sands and shallow waters that are ideal for paddling in. If you want to swim, however, you should visit at high tide when the water is deeper. Hidden away down a series of small side roads, Thongson Bay is a quiet slice of undeveloped paradise. Be sure to visit its equally serene sister beach of Samrong Beach before leaving for the day and check off two of the best hidden beaches in Thailand at the same time.

Ao Kwang Peeb

The serene island of Koh Phayam, off the coast of Ranong, sees relatively few visitors. Even fewer people visit the stunning Ao Kwang Peeb, a remote Thai beach in the north of the rustic island. The uneven and bumpy track to the beach can be challenging at times, with thick tree roots and deep potholes to deter motorcyclists. Trees surround the track, shading it from the sun, and you’ll likely spot majestic hornbills, small lizards, and other wildlife. Any difficulties are quickly forgotten when you reach the beautiful bay. The calm waters are ideal for swimming, though do be careful of craggy rocks, and the pristine sands are perfect for catching some rays. This hidden Thai beach is sure to be one that lingers in your mind.

Bottle Beach, Koh Phangan

The secret may be out about Bottle Beach, a hidden gem on Koh Phangan, but few people make the difficult trip to the gorgeous secluded and hidden beach in Thailand. It can be accessed along a steep, gravel path, by boat, or by hiking through dense jungle. Once there, you can bask in peace in quiet while admiring striking views. Crystal clear waters lap soft white sands, with the verdant palms providing a beautiful contrast to the blues of the sea and the sky.

Khuk Kak Beach, Phang Nga

Khuk Khak Beach is a tranquil hidden beach in Thailand’s province of Phang Nga. Located in the wider area of Khao Lak, Khuk Khak Beach stretches for some three kilometres (1.9 miles). Palm trees gently sway in the ocean breeze and there are few people to disturb the sounds of the waves gently lapping against the shore. You won’t find an abundance of sun beds and parasols—take a mat or towel to lie on if you want to sunbathe. The waters are refreshingly cool and great for swimming.

Koh Bulon Lei, Saturn

Koh Bulon Lei is a tiny island off the coast of Saturn in Southern Thailand. A truly hidden Thai beach gem, Koh Bulon Lei is easy to get to by boat from the mainland. Once there, you can explore by foot. The island is fringed by picturesque white-sand beaches, with small fishing boats bobbing on the dazzling waters of the Andaman Sea and locals hunting for crabs along the shore. Offering a low-key way of life, Koh Bulon Lei is one of the last secret Thai islands.

Had Pak Meng, Trang

Had Pak Meng is one of the best hidden beaches in Thailand’s province of Trang. Indeed, the mainland beach could be one of the best secret beaches in Southern Thailand. Off the beaten track yet so easy to access, Had Pak Meng is a fantastic place for sunbathing, swimming, and watching the sunset. The sandy coral beach is covered with twisty seashells and small ghost crabs dart across the sands, covering the beach in thousands of small sandy balls.

Wai Chaek Beach, Koh Chang

Located off the coast of Trat, the large island of Koh Chang boasts beautiful sandy beaches and scenic rugged coastline around a dense jungle interior. A much quieter Thai island than those found in the south of the country, many of Koh Chang’s beaches are blissfully uncrowded. If you really want to feel as though you’ve discovered a deserted Thai beach, however, head to the stunning crescent beach of Wai Chaek. In the south of the island, Wai Chaek Beach is one of the most hidden beaches on Koh Chang. There’s a small but picturesque lagoon at one end of the short beach and a small stream at the other end. It’s a fabulous place to admire the views of nearby islands too.

Ao Manao, Prachuap Khiri Khan

While the popular mainland beach of Hua Hin is often in the spotlight, visit the charming Ao Manao if you’re seeking a more remote beach in Thailand’s province of Prachuap Khiri Khan. Access is through a military base, and you’ll need to sign in and stick to authorized roads. Loved by holiday-making Thais, Ao Manao isn’t on many foreign tourists’ radars. Greenery-clad limestone karsts rise seductively from the blue-green waters and the air is peaceful and calm. A few banana boats may whizz across the waves in the peak season but visit at other times of the year and you’ll likely find just a handful of people relaxing on the hidden Thai beach.

Had Piti, Nakhon Si Thammarat

Had Piti is a gloriously scenic and underrated mainland beach in Nakhon Si Thammarat’s district of Sichon. In fact, the whole coastline through Sichon and neighbouring Khanom is liberally sprinkled with secluded bays and long deserted beaches, many of which could be counted among the best hidden beaches in Thailand. Small fishing villages surround Had Piti and the pale sands stretch for as far as the eye can see. The deep blue waters are cool and refreshing, calm enough for a pleasant swim. Palm trees line the beach and there are few facilities and no crowds to shatter the peace. Don’t miss taking a boat trip to see the rare pink dolphins that frolic off the coast to add even more wonder to your trip.

With long coastlines and hundreds of islands, it’s little surprise that there are numerous awesome hidden beaches in Thailand. Whether you opt to spend your days exploring mainland beach treasures or hitting up tranquil beaches on the islands, Thailand’s secret beaches promise not to disappoint.